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Blue Jay

Blue Jay’s goal is to become the first autonomous, indoor drone assistant. She socially interacts with people around her with speech, eyes, and lights. The drone is being trained to be able to detect her surroundings and act accordingly.

Student team Blue Jay Eindhoven of the Eindhoven University of Technology is creating the Blue Jay drone. The Blue Jay drone is built to become the first autonomous, intelligent, indoor drone assistant. Because she is an assistant, she needs to work with people. Currently, Blue Jay is a quadcopter that has a cover to hide all the electronics and make her look more streamlined and safe. She has eyes and LEDs that can be changed manually to adjust to the situation to make sure people trust her and to give an update about the situation to the people. Face recognition and speech work well, but are not put on the drone yet. Furthermore, we are working on making the drone fly autonomously.

Another drone that we are working on is used specifically for artificial intelligence and, thus, does not look like a Blue Jay drone assistant. This AI drone can detect when a person has fallen and is currently being trained for search and rescue.  Blue Jay is not specifically directed towards the harbor. However, Blue Jay should be fully autonomous and make decisions on her own in the future. Because of this, the drone can be used to work on her own in the harbor and industry. Not only because she will be able to make her own decisions based on the situation, but also because she can use her signals to communicate with the workers. This can improve the work. Blue Jay can get an overview of the work and decide what to do. She can keep an eye on everything and make the work more efficient.

Furthermore, we want to make a future Blue Jay drone to fly indoors. Therefore, we are looking for ways to make the drone smaller and less loud. We made a single copter and a coax copters for these reasons. We are working on making them fly properly before we make it into a Blue Jay drone.