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Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering: Stratos IV

Stratos IV will be the first-ever student-built rocket to be launched into space.

With Stratos IV we have set out to become the first student team to ever launch a rocket into space. Currently, we are planning to launch to over 100 km in August 2020. For reference, the current world altitude record for students is set by an American team at 44 km. We want to show the world that you do not need a budget of billions or the resources and facilities that only governments or very large companies possess, to reach space. That it is possible to do it with limited resources and money by coming up with creative solutions to hard problems and thus opening up space to a broader audience. We have embarked on this mission with a group of 14 students working full time on the project and over 50 part-time engineers. Check out our rocket from last year below.