Flowerturbine – The wind turbine you want to live next to

The wind turbine you want to live next to in coming to FFFx10YRDM
Flower Turbine has developed and patented the highly efficient and silent wind turbine. we have closed several contracts and are now scaling up.

Flower Turbines_EU from R.Osinga on Vimeo.

The Flower Turbine is a wind turbine for urban surroundings. The big ones are often too big and too noisy to live and work next to. The Flower Turbine with its 3-6m size can be easily integrated near offices or houses or in de windy port areas.

They are silent, very efficient and bird friendly and can play an important role in making the transition towards sustainable energy. Placed in a cluster they let their neighbor perform better and per M2 we outperform solar. Come check them out at the Energy Transition Island at Future Flux Festival from 11.00 to 22.00.

Flower Turbine at PortXL Shakedown turbine 8sec mov from R.Osinga on Vimeo.