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Friend or Enemy? – CaptainVR

Friend or Enemy? We are empowering (young) women that are sexually traumatized.
The tool is made using 360 videos displaying real-life situations. For example, a boy catcalling a girl from a car, asking her to get in. Is she getting in? Another situation displays ‘this cool guy’ asking a girl to come over and watch a Netflix movie at his house. Once on the sofa together he makes inappropriate sexual advances. How does she respond? A therapist guiding the girl through these virtual situations will monitor her response with Biofeedback (heart rate variability, electrodermal activity, etc). In the virtual situation the girl needs to make decisions: allowing the boy to touch her or not, saying yes or no, etc. Based on her decision the virtual storyline continues in one of two potential directions. With this tool, we want to make the girl more conscious about her own behavior, in recognizing the ‘Red Flags’ and teach her how to say NO in an uncomfortable situation.

The mission is to empower (young) Women who came from an abusive relationship, sex trafficking and/or are sexually traumatized. We have developed a VR training Tool that will help to break through this pattern. This Training Tool will help these girls face difficult situations and experiment with certain behavior. What do you do when a boy touches you unsolicited? What do you do when someone tries to tempt you into something you do not really want?

Adequate help is important for these girls. All the more because the chance that girls will once again fall victim to sexual abuse in adulthood (re-victimization) is two to three times greater than girls who have not had to deal with sexual abuse in the past (Arata, 2002, in: Nijhof & Engels, 2015).