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Furry tour guides at Boijmans – THIS HAPPENED

Ever heard of the advice ‘Never work with animals and children’ by W.C. Fields? Well, in this talk Martine Blijdorp (Project Lead Children’s Advisory www.boijmans.nl), Eric Jan Krupe en Hanne Marckmann (both ‘CFO, Chief Firmware- and Chief Fur Officer respectively at www.gowonder.nl) will share their experiences in doing exactly that: co-creating with children in developing two talking robot dogs as tour guides in an art museum. Martine will share the ‘why’ behind this exciting project, with Eric Jan en Hanne sharing the technological and furry challenges they encountered along the road. Of course, they will bring along a robot dog (and cat and octopus) for you to pet, squeeze and listen to.

Come join them at their Q&A from 19.00-19.30 at the FFF stage.

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This year at Future Flux Festival x 10YRDM: This Happened Rotterdam. They organizes talks about interaction design and interactive art in different venues in Rotterdam. They will host 4 talks at the Future Flux stage. You will be introduced to four different makers that worked on something innovative, smart and physical. This Happened selected four speakers who create their own innovative solutions to the problems they encounter, and who are not afraid to do things in a different way. They will show what attention and effort are needed to make an idea into a working prototype and eventually a product that can be implemented in the real context. Meet them at the festival. bit.ly/FFF2019ticket . . . . #thishappened #FFF2019 #RDM10 FutureFluxFestival #festival

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