Blockchain, Digital Transformation

LTO Network – a hybrid blockchain built for business

Organizations often work inefficiently when they collaborate
LTO Network is a hybrid blockchain built for business and enables multiple parties to collaborate on equal footing.
It is developed for collaboration using existing systems and information is shared peer-to-peer. LTO Network can be your trust layer for every business application.

Our world relies on trust. But we often find ourselves missing that trust. Unlicensed practises, certificate fraud, construction casualties, invoice fraud and identity theft are a few examples we face every day.

The typical organization loses 5 percent of its annual revenue to fraud each year. If proof becomes important, it’s often already too late. Blockchain could prevent this fraud.

We are LTO Network, a hybrid blockchain built for business. We provide a solution in which blockchain adds support and value to your organization. It is widely available to integrate in organizational ecosystems in minutes, making organizations unite against fraud.

With LTO Network, you are not required to throw everything that is currently working for you overboard. It’s a security layer for existing processes, systems, currencies, automation and relations.

LTO Network provides a two-phased solution. First, “Proof-of-Existence”; Integrate LTO in existing systems and applications for safeguarding every type of data.
Second, “Decentralized Workflows”; Connect LTO Network integrated systems with (existing, traditional) systems for process optimization between parties.

Why LTO Network?
It’s Fast (Instant verification), It’s GDPR compliant. It offers ease of use, decentralization, low cost and can be used as a SaaS or just do it yourself.

We seek Independent Software Vendors integrating with and incorporating LTO Network in their solution and System Integrators building and implementing LTO Network solutions.