Workshop, Get in the Bubble!

NCD Academy & Work&Meet – Find your mentor & scale your business

NCD partners up with Future Flux Festival!
NCD stands for Nederlandse Commissarissen en Directeuren. A Business network with over 4000 members all across the Netherlands. With NCD Acadamy they train company directors in coaching startup CEO’s. Every director will coach 3-5 startups each year and sometimes they even invest serious amounts of money in the startups. From 200.000 Euro towards 5 million Euro is previously spend on successful startups.

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Meet NCD and it’s Acadamy at Bubble Purple (Work & Meet) from 13.00-14.00. Where they will also host the following workshops:

NCD: Survival kid
Familiarize yourself with the financing maze. What fits my company now? What is relevant to you 5 min intro with 2, 3 questions from which you get clear which table of financial coach suits you.

Every entrepreneur is BLIND! Where to find the right guiding?
A typical entrepreneur takes good care of his or her baby: ‘my’ company! But at the same time we tend to forget that it’s a 4-Dimensional business: Dream, Dare, Do and Drive. Especially the last one is essential. Out of 10.000 startup’s, only 2 will be successful and well-known. More experienced entrepreneurs know all about it. Knowing what ‘Grey meets Green’ means, might help you survive as one of the few!
Come and get in touch with the DRIVE that matters.