Digital Transformation


Identifying individuals that are involved in recurring theft is a big challenge. Security staff often has to rely on memory to identify known offenders and keep them out of a store. If hundreds of offenders enter the store every year, it becomes almost impossible for individual staff members to recognize the face of every single one of them. This is where modern technology can make a huge difference.

The Recnition security system keeps people with a shop ban outside. The security guard takes a picture when a person receives a shop ban, then the picture will be uploaded to the database. If a person with a shop ban enters the store again, he will be recognized by the system immediately. A security staff member will receive a notification and can decide how he should intervene.

We would like to create and test a prototype of our solution in a pilot store. During the pilot, we will monitor the performance and the user experience to create the perfect fit between stores and our security solution.