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Smartians – Smarten up the things you love with Andrew Spitz THIS HAPPENED

Consumerism is currently at an all-time high, with old products being disposed of and new products introduced in the millions every day. As a result, landfill sites are increasingly filled with perfectly usable household items and appliances. At FROLIC they wanted to find an innovative way to address the issue of people discarding perfectly functional products, in favour of the new. They figured, why not try and encourage consumers to keep their ‘old’ but cherished appliances by giving them the freedom to make them smart? Andrew Spitz will tell us all about how they developed Smartians as a result. An ADCN award winning product allowing you full flexibility to build your own smart-home in a fun, efficient and inventive way.

Come check out the Q&A from 15:30-16:00 at FFF stage.