Trendwatcher Farid Tabarki – Insights from traveling to 156 countries

Farid Tabarki is the founder of Studio Zeitgeist, he is a speaker and trendwatcher, day chairman and world traveler. He regularly writes for Het Financieele Dagblad and in 2016 he published the very well-received book “The End of the Middle – What a society of extremes means for people, business and politics”. He also presented the MTV Coolpolitics and Dare to think TV programs: From Socrates to Sartre. According to de Volkskrant, Farid is one of the two hundred most influential Dutch persons. Moreover, he is one of the youngest on this list. Farid is a supervisor of a number of organizations including the Prince Bernhard Culture Fund. He was also a member of Platform Education2032 which, at the request of the government, issued a piece of advice in 2016 about the future of fundamental education.

Finally, Farid aims to visit all countries in the world. He has now visited 156, so with 42 to go he is already at more than three quarters.