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VSTEP – solutions for virtual training purposes

VSTEP is a Rotterdam based company that builds simulation solutions for virtual training purposes.
Our solutions help maritime and safety & security professionals to build and improve their skills. We support people in these fields to be prepared for any kind of scenarios that they can face in their line of work in an efficient, risk-free and cost-effective way.

One of our products – NAUTIS – is a virtual training software that allows simulation of complex scenarios in order to build operational awareness or improve operational, tactical and communication skills of seafarers. Exercises performed on a training simulator allow crews to develop knowledge and confidence to handle various situations without risk of harm to people, environment or equipment.

Response Simulator (RS for short) is a virtual training platform built in collaboration with safety and security experts. By using state-of-the-art technology Response Simulator immerses users in a realistic 3D environment in which almost any scenario can be simulated. Professionals who operate in lines of work that regularly encounter dangerous, complex or unpredictable situations can use RS to prepare for circumstances they may encounter. Due to its customizability, RS is a flexible product that can be tailored to the needs and wishes of any company interested in using virtual training to their benefit.

In 2002, VSTEP was founded to disrupt the market. We began with virtual training software for the incident commanders (now Response Simulator – software for safety and security professionals); later in the maritime domain with NAUTIS. Using our technology, we strive to train people for a safer world.
We support future seafarers and safety&security professionals to be prepared for scenarios that they can face in their line of work. We do this with passion, dedication and hard work. One of our key values is to find new ways to be on the forefront. We will go far and wide to find our clients the right technology to serve their purposes.

With over 60 dedicated professionals, we are realising our ambition to disrupt the market, over and over again. We introduce disruptive technologies, pushing the market to a new level. Through focus, time and attention invested in product development, we deliver outstanding products to our clients, thereby serving existing markets as well as expanding to markets that are not yet familiar simulation solutions.

We provide solutions that are directly beneficial to the maritime industry, harbors included. With our Response Simulator software, safety & security professionals (e.g. firefighters) working in harbors can simulate 3D scenarios specific to their working environment, allowing them to prepare for emergency situations.
On the other hand, our NAUTIS solution is created specifically for seafarers to improve their navigation, ship handling, and communication skills.