Get involved in a day full of tech, music & inspiration! The program starts at 12.30 at the Onderzeebootloods at RDM. The area opens at 12PM. The overall program will be in English, ‘Meet the Makers’ is in English or Dutch. Check the program below!

Wake-up call: 12.30 – 13.00
Get a rude awakening of how technology disrupts your life and future! Fountainheads takes you into the future of technological disruption. Open your eyes, sit back and enjoy the ride at the Future Flux Festival!

Meet the makers: 13.00 – 15.00 sessions | 13.00 – 18.00 exhibition
Young and professional makers will take you into the future with their projects, start-ups and innovations. Walk in, discover new technologies and try them yourself! Over 100 makers, 9 themes: Future of Rotterdam, Circular economy, Artificial intelligence, ESA Space Solutions, AR/VR, Blockchain, IoT & LoRa, Manufacturing 4.0 and Mobility & infrastructure. Below you find some of the Meet the Makers projects. Want to see them all? Then meet us at the Future Flux Festival!

Heroes of Innovation: 15.00 – 17.00
Upgrade yourself, companies and industries! After three presentations of 15 minutes you can ask our panel anything. Leon Kranenburg, founder and Creative Director of WOAU! is our host for the day. Our panelists are none other than: transhumanist and Presidency of the United States candidate Zoltan Istvan, COO of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Andres de Léon and last but not least entrepreneur and co-founder of RDM Makerspace and RAMLAB Vincent Wegener. Join us at the Future Flux Festival and take a deep dive into the minds of these great innovators!

Take a tour @ Innovation Dock: 13.00 – 15.00 | 17.00 – 18.00
Take a guided tour at RDM’s Innovation Dock! Get a glimpse of the hi-tech prototypes and testing facilities, get inspired and take the world by storm at the Future Flux Festival!

Networking and afterparty: 17.00 – 21.00
Feel the connection at the Future Flux Festival 2018 closing party! From 17.00 till 19.00 you can connect with the heroes of innovation and the makers while enjoying background music and drinks. After that, we’ll boost you into your weekend with K-Liber 4 life and two other great performances from Rotterdam!

Download the complete festival map & schedule

Festival-map-and-schedule-FFF.pdf (353 downloads)

Meet the Makers: Dent

IoT workshop, start building!


Meet the Makers: Team Fissacoin

Festival coins reinvented


Wake-up call

Technological disruption


Meet the makers

Experience and envision the future!

Innovation dock inside

Take a tour @ Innovation Dock

Get inspired!

Studio RAP

Meet the Makers: Studio RAP

Brutally set aside by robots


Meet the makers: 3d-wrap boat

Build a boat with plastic wrap!


Meet the Makers: 3d Robotprinting

Think big: manufacturing the future!


Our host for the day: Léon Kranenburg

Knowledge and humour

DHD Brains

Meet the makers: ADHD Brains

Incentives, incentives and more incentives…


Meet the Makers: WasteShark™

The waste eating robot


Meet the Makers: RAMLAB

See sparks flying around!

Dust Jacket

Meet the makers: Dustjacket

Dust + vacuumcleaner + jacket = warmth


Meet the makers: Robodredger

The future of water maintenance


Meet the Makers: Somnox Sleep Robot

Wake up refreshed!


Meet the Makers: Luqo

Educational game platform


Meet the Makers: IDE TU Delft

The future is something we create


Meet the Makers: SkelEx

Become a transhumanist using SkelEx!

concr3de steen

Meet the Makers: Concr3de

3d printed stone


Meet the Makers: Social brothers

Welcome to our new world!


Meet the Makers: Fieldbit

Remote assistance for field technicians

Teachers HoloLens def

Meet the Makers: teachers redesigning education with HoloLens

Making the invisible visible

ESA_Blackshore Cerberus game 2

Meet the Makers: Copernicus Masters ‘BlackShore’

Serious impact game!

Polariks grapes

Meet the Makers: Polariks & ESA BIC Noordwijk

Lift off your business

ESA BIC – Space Business Community

Meet the Makers: ESA Broker

Find your space tech!

JOHAN Sports mens_top

Meet the Makers: ESNC & JOHAN Sports

Equip yourself with sensors!


Meet the Makers: Printrod

Experience Tool-bot


Meet the Makers: Jochem Walboomers

Through the eyes of a computer


Meet the Makers: Energy generating floors

Get On It!

classroom-pic-website (1)

Meet the Makers: Ferdinand Goetzen

Workshop Growth hacking

Semiotic Labs FFF

Meet the Makers: Semiotic labs

How to prevent unplanned downtime of rotating equipment


Meet the Makers: Volareo

World’s first blockchain music streaming smart speaker


Meet the Makers: The illusion of a Hologram

Showing content in a completely new way

Aryzon AR_FFF

Meet the Makers: Aryzon 3D AR

3D Augmented Reality for everyone!


Meet the Makers: Vertidrive & Graffiti Artist

What if you could wipe out graffiti?

VOOG.NL-200 (1)

Meet the Makers: Team Phidippides

Building the most sustainable vehicle of Europe

Drive to connect

Meet the Makers: How to become immortal?

Stop dreaming, start living forever!

Game circle_FFF

Meet the Makers: Game Circle

Interactive game circle for teenagers

From scratch app_FFF

Meet the Makers: FROM SCRATCH

the easy, healthy food app.


Meet the Makers: Salesforce FundingForce

Winners #BeyondBanking Hackathon 2018

Captain VR_FFF

Meet the Makers: CaptainVR

Empowering people with VR!

Jules Dock_composites_FFF

Meet the Makers: Jules Dock

Masterclass composites

man vs machine jenga battle

Heroes of innovation

Take a deep dive...


Heroes of Innovation: Vincent Wegener

Metal parts on demand


Heroes of Innovation: Andres de Léon

Hyperloop breakthrough


Heroes of Innovation: Zoltan Istvan

Merging human beings with machines

Miss sugaware

Networking: Miss Sugaware

Music to your ears...

Circus act_FFF

Afterparty: Circus Act & Deform reflect

Artistic Experience


Afterparty: Animistic Beliefs

Synthesize yourself for this other-worldly tech(no) duo!


Afterparty: K-LIBER 4LIFE

Get yourself ready for a summer 'vibe'!

th’aqcuisition team

Final show: Th’Acquisition

Winners Sena Grand price of Rotterdam 2017


Meet the makers: Project March

Stand up and walk again with exoskeletons